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Making bedinge chair no1 with support frame Bending plywood to finish

Sometimes curbstones make of a metal profile and gypsum cardboard that gives the chance to give to a case the most various form. If you place flowers or elements of a decor on such bedside table, your balcony will find a look cozy and comfortable.

It is possible to warm a balcony polyfoam, penopleksy, an isobosom or mineral wool. If after warming sheathe your balcony lining, it will have a worthy and stylish appearance.

For production of a curbstone or a case on a balcony you need to decide at first on mission of balcony space, style of design in which you will make out it and to develop at least the least project of the future balcony.

On a design and on height of a bedside table can be the most various. They differ also with way of opening of doors.

Sometimes, very seldom, doors for bedside tables on a balcony do as the rolletny falling curtains.

In order that the curbstone harmoniously fitted into an interior of a loggia or a balcony and carried out the maximum number of functions, it is best of all to make it independently. For this purpose it is necessary to make the correct drawings of a design, to develop the project, and to make exact calculations.

Cases and curbstones on a balcony demand an arid climate. If you plan to equip such design on a balcony, you need to reflect on warming of your loggia or balcony. At hit of dampness or sharp changes of temperature, the pieces of furniture made the hands can collapse or be deformed.

Bedside table it is possible even to call a design at which the sofa, and under it boxes or regiments for household items from above is located.

The bedside table on a balcony can have some values. Having built one design, you can use it and in other purposes.

The curbstone on a loggia fits into an interior better, than a curbstone on a balcony. The space between a wall of the house and an external wall of a balcony quite is suitable for placement of a bedside table in it.