Easy To Make A Wooden Bench For Only 6 Dollars

How to making a bed with led lighting Hot to make a wooden box

Doing furniture in a hall by the hands you will be able to adjust it precisely by the room size, and also to choose suitable color of material.

Now we collect all elements of furniture in one place, placing them in such sequence: at first one-door bedside table, then two-door bedside table and afterwards case case. Now in the formed place over a two-door bedside table we will make a hanger for clothes.

From plywood we cut runners for curbstone boxes. For reliability it is better to cut them on all depth of a curbstone. We attach them on both parties of our framework. We do the lower level for a box of plywood taking into account that it has to hold in openings of runners, back and lateral panels of a box. We do the forward panel of a furniture board by the size slightly more widely, than a box.

So, let's start and we will try to make independently furniture in a hall then to bring together her in a uniform complex.

Without screw gun work on assembly of furniture can last not one day.

In this situation production of furniture in a hall the hands will become ideal option. Here you will be able and choose independently tree material, necessarily to paint it color necessary to you and that the most important, independently to define that set of furniture necessary for you and with those sizes which will approach only under your hall.

Now in our design there was a place over a one-door bedside table. In this place it is possible to hang up a mirror. Beautifully will also harmoniously look if the sizes of a mirror do not get out for a sliding wardrobe and aside for a one-door bedside table up.

We fasten parts of a box with self-tapping screws. We attach the front panel after we fasten the handle to it and we will varnish.

Choosing new furniture in a hall, everyone wants that it met all declared requirements, was beautiful, not bulky, capacious, available at the price and is made of qualitative materials. However, considering features of halls, not each ready set of furniture will suit you by the size, on color or type.

Let's make one bedside table single-door, another – two-door, a case case and a hanger for clothes.