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Probably, already from definition many drew for themselves some conclusions on work of the joiner and carpenter, especially noted differences between their activity. For more convenient understanding we will itemize difference signs:

This specialty is in general one of the professions, most ancient in the world, which was demanded still B.C. A basis of activity of the carpenter – machining of a tree, its transformation into the materials, necessary for the subsequent construction and finishing. He, for example, is not engaged in artworks on a tree is a prerogative of the joiner. Others of the word, for the carpenter more rough work with a tree, without any subtleties is characteristic.

The joiner is a person who does furniture. Those subjects on which people sit belong to furniture, sleep or eat. Therefore that wolf skin on which in the cave the primitive person slept, can be called as his furniture. When the person made the first rough box in which it stored the bone instruments of labor, it is possible to tell that he made the first case and became the joiner. Our ancestors very much loved beautiful furniture, they decorated tables and chairs with high carved backs, armrests of chairs upholstered with a velvet, and cases and legs of tables decorated with images of animals.

Between the carpenter and the joiner much in common, in particular these two professions are directly connected with construction and processing of a tree. Someone even calls these people representatives of the same craft, without seeing between the joiner and the carpenter any difference. But it is, and quite essential, and, having seen difference signs, you are convinced of it.

The carpenter-concreter is still appreciated. This is the master who faultlessly works not only with a tree, but also with concrete.

Secondly, joiner's profession versatile, versatile. If there is a need, it will be able to cut a carving on a metal detail or to collect a steel structure. In spite of the fact that such operations are not included into a circle of tasks of the carpenter, his clever fingers do not have replacement at construction of the wooden house.

Joiners decorated furniture with metal, an ivory, a stone, jewels, slices of an armor of a sea turtle. The ancient furniture was beautiful, but not really convenient: for example, the first beds were so high, what it was possible to get on them only on steps.