Diy Projects For Woodworking

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The finished product can be decorated voluntarily: to paint with bright paint, to varnish, sew soft bright padded stools.

There are many options how to make a bench the hands. It is simply impossible to consider everything. It will be a question of a product which is made of a tree. The set of necessary tools and a set of materials for a bench will be required.

Process of assembly of any country bench the identical. Let's consider it:

If you have a dacha long ago, probably, at it there is a lot of furniture and things which became unnecessary in the city apartment. Let's look for old chairs which got here for the same reason — on their place more modern designs were bought.

If decided on the location of a bench, it is necessary to think up what will be this product, to make its drawing. In the account the next moments undertake:

For production of a product from this material, it will be required:

Having the drawing of a transforming bench, it is possible to start its production. For this purpose it is necessary to decide on material of which bench details will be made. Each chosen material profile will be attractive in own way, everyone will have merits and demerits. To receive desirable result, it is possible to take advantage of this or that material.> the Site> Garden furniture> Garden benches the hands — drawings and a photo

The most economical option of production of a bench — this use of already ready pallets. Such wooden products throw out many, without having found for them applications. The bench made of pallets the hands will be a fine accessory for a country site. Thus, pallets will have an opportunity to live one more, happier life.