Diy Home Library With Minimal Tools

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As two doors located the friend under the friend are much easier, than one, this option is preferable. It is necessary to cut out two identical doors and some internal shelves from a board (at will). Fix doors on loops. It is possible to manage also two on each door, but for reliability and the correct distribution of weight, we recommend to use on three.

Also you will be needs material for production of a hall. We recommend to you to give preference to a furniture board as it is made of natural components without use of synthetic pitches. Such board is absolutely safe for human health, living in the house. However at this material high cost.

To collect the first curbstone you will need 2 identical sidewalls and the internal shelf which will fasten a design from below. The top part of future curbstone is strongly narrowed therefore the cover has to be much less main part. All elements are fastened with self-tapping screws. At desire you can use furniture shkant. Do not forget to drill an opening in advance and to use glue.

That it was simpler to you to deal with difficult work, we prepared special instructions, drawings and schemes.

If you cannot choose a suitable case, be not afflicted and reflect on creation of ideal furniture for a hall the hands. Such approach will help to save means, and also to receive model which in all the parameters suits you.

For a start you should decide on model and the sizes. If it is about the tiny room, you should not overload it with furniture — use a standard hall with small office for outerwear, footwear and necessary things.

Having chosen suitable model, you can start removal of measures and preparation of calculations. Also be sure that you have all tools which masters use.

To make such simple hall, you will need the following materials:

To make the second curbstone very simply. You need only two sidewalls and 2 internal regiments which form a framework. Internal filling of this curbstone can be anyone. All details on self-tapping screws or shkant fasten.