Diy Floating Pallet Bed Frame With Back

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If you already have a single-tier bed, you can use it for construction two-story. In this case the framework of a bed will form the basis. The top frame is made by its sizes. That the design was steady, maintained many kilogram and did not collapse, fastening of a frame to support has to be strong.

The sliding bed has many pluses: economy of space, simplicity in production and an occasional seat for a dream. The only minus of a design — lack of a box for storage of bedding.

Simply to make such bed. All details are carried out from a furniture board of a chipboard or LDSP.

One more option of a convenient, practical and inexpensive bed — folding. It practically does not take a place in the room and is made of available material — plywood.

In the same way the bed with a sofa gathers on the first circle. Only in this case the frame which sizes have to correspond to dimensions of the lower part of a sofa is made.