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Yes, you are right, the choice of profession at me is connected with children's hobbies, in the childhood I was engaged in modeling, generally from a tree.

So far to see my works in live, and it is possible to buy only personally from me.

Yes, I use in the works many various breeds of a tree, and all of them very different, a favourite tree always with what I work at present:)

I photograph the works itself, together with production of jewelry gradually I master the photographer's profession.

You have very beautiful and professional photos of your works. Who photographs them?

You have many different types of trees from which you create jewelry. Tell, than they differ and what tree at you the most favourite?

From desire to think out something and most to embody the ideas. I think that it is dream of any creative person.

The best ideas arise absolutely unexpectedly and vice versa when specially you try to think up that - that new, interesting, a little that turns out.

How long you started creating jewelry? Why jewelry? Whether you communicated with this material earlier, out of jewelry? (perhaps, something another was made of a tree)

Today I have on a visit very interesting master who creates the author's jewelry from valuable breeds of a tree. Get acquainted - Vyacheslav Starostin! Surely I can tell that its works are performed with taste, with coloring, forms and compositions and, of course, with big soul! Considering some elements of jewelry, to me it is hardly believed that this tree! And still, all works very best natural, parts of our nature! It is also pleasant that Vyacheslav does not stand still, and thinks out everything new and new collections!