Diy Easy Wood Slice Ornaments For Less Than 100

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It will create unique style of festive or trading floor.

Therefore we apply special types of garlands and the equipment to illumination of trees.

It is worth approaching a choice of materials not less responsibly, having given preference to reliability and resistance to any vagaries of the weather.

Our experts know, what moments need to be considered at implementation of each separate project, and are responsible for quality of the works!

LED garlands and searchlights, dyuralayt and the clip - lightly, the artificial shining trees – these and other means of city illumination will turn space at an entrance to an institution or a house to the wonderful island of New Year's magic.

The light decor for trees can brightly burn, flicker or be poured, various colors and the sizes can be used.

We offer you decoration of trees, bushes and other plantings with use of light garlands and decorative elements. For you - p rofessionalny installation and high quality!

Garlands for trees ponut to radiate a constant luminescence or to be equipped with the controler with the dynamic modes.

In an ukarsheniye of trees the same elements of a decor, as can be applied to registration of street fir-trees.