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10 woodworking tools you need to be a woodworker 7 ways to build DIY accent wall for $100

16. Do not process artificial materials on planing machines

Fasten some preparations by means of a bilateral adhesive tape. The rod emphasis will help to hold a package at the beginning of pass.

At assembly of products with right angles it is important to achieve ideal squareness, especially if this subject has supplementary doors or drawers. Therefore buy or make the assembly squares providing accurate assembly. Without them you are doomed to correct errors all remained operating time over the project.

When it is required to make some identical details having cuts or curvilinear contours it is possible to accelerate work and to achieve accuracy, having cut them in a package and having processed on a template on a milling table.

Composite materials, such as plywood, a chipboard and MDF, because of the high content of glue rebate knives of fugovalny and reysmusovy machines much quicker, than wood.

Here is how it is necessary to process not planed material for receiving preparations of the correct form.

Before assembly finally grind as much as possible details, in particular their internal surfaces access to which after assembly will be complicated.

Neither glue, nor hard putty will not help to rescue the weakened connection. Therefore get high-quality razmetochny tools – the combined square, a steel ruler, a razmetochny knife and a surface gage – and learn to work with them.

14. How to process rough boards – the correct operations procedure