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The angular case on a balcony is a fine option of placement of a case in a corner. Thus, it will occupy part of a place, will compactly find room for all necessary subjects.

Pay attention! Correctly picked up subject, apparently on a case photo on a balcony will become not only a place for compact and functional settling of things, but also will decorate space, will become interesting decoration of an interior.

In advance think over the sketch of future furniture. Consider the sizes, weight which will drop to a case.

Having chosen all necessary materials and tools, start assembly. Nails, or self-tapping screws will be necessary for you for this process.

It is also worth telling that buying separate materials for production of a beautiful case on a balcony, you will significantly save money.

To understand how to choose correctly a case, examine criteria and recommendations of a choice.

Temperature condition of a balcony other, than room. Therefore, owing to change of weather, the furniture suffers. Therefore it is so important to consider this fact at a choice.

They are essential upon purchase, after all not each model will approach by the sizes, or operation term. So, important criteria of a choice.

At a small balcony, the case has to be selected according to it. In advance measure an indicator of height, width not to lose. Thanks to timely measurements you will preserve to yourself not only time, nerves, but also money.

If you at least once thought how to make a case on a balcony, then you should examine the following items.