Cutting Board For Bedrooms

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We deliver on the markets of Moscow the billiard tables, the equipment and accessories possessing model characteristics due to the unique development and to existence of the hi-tech equipment.

The remains of fabric are cut off or accurately fixed. Boards fasten by means of self-tapping screws or through bolts.

We pass to a covering stage with cloth which has to cover both a table-top, and boards. Fabric fastens to a table-top bottom brackets. Each board has to be fitted densely, with the maximum stretch on all length. For this purpose:

For someone billiards — is lifestyle, for someone sport, for someone business, and for someone an occasion to meet friends, to chat and pleasantly to spend time.

Our highly qualified specialists successfully cope with any complex works with a tree, thanks to existence of own woodworking complex providing drying and processing of wood.

Rubber is glued to wood by means of all-purpose construction adhesive, the main thing – to apply substance on both stuck together surfaces and to press most strongly.

Thanks to application of innovative development and use of the best breeds of a tree, you have opportunity to acquire the high quality production possessing long service life.

After drying of glue it is necessary to cut off rubber according to the drawing – for this purpose it is possible to use the simple sharp knife moistened in soap water.

That the table looked more noble, it is possible to install decorative panels under its boards, to process all wooden visible surfaces and to paint over them, or to open with a varnish.

Then it is possible to start production of legs for a table. We cut a tree on whetstones of the necessary sizes. There is a set of options of registration, for example: