Cupboard Designs For Pre

Kitchen cabinet design for woodworking projects

In front a sign of sufficient promotion is alignment of a square bar with a forward edge.

We insert in plastic fastening square aluminum bars, we fix their small screws to plastic fastenings of drying, on zasverlenny openings by euroscrews it is fixed fastenings to sidewalls.

The first that it is necessary to make it at drying installation to study the enclosed instruction because there are small distinctions at installation of sushka of different producers.

Drying chrome universal, as for a chipboard 16 mm thick, and 18 mm, due to laying on a photo below. Euroscrews for fastening of plastic fastenings of drying, thin self-tapping screws for fixing of telescopic parts in the lower part of drying, small screws for connection of square bars with plastic fastenings of the lower part of drying are included in the package.

Assembly of drying was made for ware according to the scheme of assembly.

Usual standard height of the case of a case for ware of 720 mm, and depth is 320 mm. Of course, happen above and below, and more deeply. Less on depth it is better not to do, and that drying can not rise, will do study the minimum and maximum limits on case depth for drying installation less. For example, as it is sounded earlier, at Vibo the minimum depth of the case of 283 mm.