Creative DIY Ideas From 2х4 Lumber

11 beginner tips to choose and use a jig saw

Where load of connection is considerable, it is better to use galvanized hairpins. They are passed throughout a through opening then details are pulled together with nuts with wide washers. And in this case there is a sense in addition to glue connection.

Advantages of connection on nagelyakh — that they do not come to a front surface in general. Besides, at their application it is possible not to be afraid of a rust; moreover: the increased humidity will force to inflate Nagel and will make connection more reliable.

Two wooden details or tree can be connected to a metal framework by ordinary self-tapping screws.

On a photo — both components for self-made hard putty.

The yacht varnish perfectly transfers long contact with water.

How to hide hats? It is best of all to make it with use of self-made hard putty of sawdust and PVA glue. As glue after drying becomes colourless, color of putty in accuracy will correspond to tone of wood.

Drawings of a garden bench the hands from a tree usually contain projections and the sizes, but ways of connection of details are seldom specified in them. How to connect wooden elements?

We hope that the ideas offered the reader and recommendations will be useful. Video in this article will allow to get acquainted with how production of garden benches the hands can look more visually. Progress in creativity!

In all cases the preliminary zasverlivaniye of an opening is obligatory. Without it the risk is too great to split wood on fibers.