Choosing Pilot Hole Size For Dining Table

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If on your country site there is a wattled fence, you can use the same option of a design with some changes. Short boards of a seat can be replaced long, having arranged them lengthways. The back is formed by the principle of weaving of branches of average thickness which well bend.

Good advice! For a curve of sides of a bar it is possible to use a mill or to get ready profiled material. Its cost is higher, but in work the profiled bar is much more convenient.

For a start boards for a seat are prepared. Material is cut on necessary quantity of boards of the corresponding length and processed. Acute angles should be rounded. Use for this purpose opportunities of a milling cutter or the grinding machine. If you have near at hand no such tool, will be to process edges an emery paper enough.

Bayonet connection is used and in the course of creation according to drawings of a bench for giving by the hands from a tree which design is completed with a back. The qualitative result can achieve only if all openings settle down strictly one above another. As a result all details at assembly have to form the equal regional line.

For fixing of details the fixture will be hammered into one of whetstones, and the following element will be got through an opening over it.

As fixture metal pins will be used. The nagel made of wood can become alternative replacement to them. Under installation of fixture openings which diameter is a little less than diameter of pins are carried out, and depth makes a half of length of a pin.

The simple bench without back can be used not only for sitting, but also as a little table

Pay attention! All elements of this design possess the rounded forms, and boards of a seat look end faces forward.