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How to build an How to make a DIY workbench with drawers

Mark chalk on boards and sheets the provision of the cut preparations rationally to use material. However it is sometimes better to do cutting so that to exclude defective sites and it is favorable to use effective textural drawing or color. Getting timber, plan to lose 10-20% as waste.

Now you know, what features have professions the carpenter and the joiner, in what a difference between them. Both professions are interesting and worthy, demand talent and diligence. Can master these occupations everyone who has enough desire and abilities.

Chips can irreparably spoil preparation. To prevent their emergence, prop up preparation from a reverse side, using the appropriate supportive applications. Get or make protivoskolny inserts for the kruglopilny machine, a tape and tortsovochny saw (the test of a tortsovochny saw is lower), the boring machine. Attach the wooden slip preventing chips on a back side of preparation to an angular emphasis. When milling also prop up a mill exit place from preparation, using a suitable scrap.

So, we will define and we summarize on points, the carpenter or the joiner in what a difference?

13. How to avoid chips – two simple means will help to cope with chips

11. Appearance of a product is more important, than an excessive consumption of material

Whether you buy a ready workbench or do by the hands self-made, be convinced that it rather rigid, has an equal working surface and, at least, one powerful vice.

Buy or make the hands cases, regiments and trays according to your requirements. When around the order, work is argued and give pleasure, and you will begin to spend less time for searches of tools and accessories.

Forget the opinion occurring once that for good gluing together the roughness is necessary. Smooth surfaces stick together better, than roughly processed. Spend time for making the interfaced surfaces of details smooth and skintight to each other. Remember that glue does not possess adhesion to surfaces from prizhoga therefore avoid them.