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Of course, for a drawing room the furniture has to be very strong but as there is a wish that it was also extraordinary beautiful, individual, unique. For this master combine breeds of a tree in a design, make the main details of strong and especially strong breeds, and decorate furniture with details from soft breeds of wood which easily gives in to weaving, a carving, a flexure.

The beech of the master is called excellent alternative to an oak. And the oak uses characteristics of force, power and endurance from time immemorial. Wood of an oak is considered very valuable therefore the oak furniture usually expensive, especially, if is decorated with bent elements from a beech. The oak and a beech ideally coincide on color scale, richness of light and dark shades.

In production different types of wood of which it is possible to make not only the main details of a design, but also decorative elements are used. Besides, soft wood goes for production of subjects and details of furniture on which high loadings are not assumed ekspluatatsionno.

For handwork there is a soft wood. Carved doors on cases, finishing of a headboard on a bed is carried out from cherry or an alder, a poplar or a chestnut. The main details of a bed are carried out from a tree of strong breeds – an elm or an oak, an apple-tree or a birch. In a nursery producers prepare furniture from a tree of especially strong breeds to exclude possible traumatism and to ensure high safety of operation. As a rule, for these purposes the box, a cornel or a white acacia are used. But at the same time, to the room for the girl the furniture can be decorated by twisted, curved elements from a soft tree which turn the room into a bedroom of the princess.