Cheap And Easy DIY Bench For Home Decor

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Step 4. To the lower corners the internal shelf from a chipboard, and to top – a table-top fastens. When 4 elements of a framework are collected, a design can warp a little – you should not be frightened, everything will be leveled by means of a back wall.

On a note! For independent production it is impossible to save on materials. After all all know that avaricious it is necessary to pay far not once. If use a low-quality expendable material, work, perhaps, it is necessary to remake.

Step 1. After receipt of all demanded preparations painting begins. In the process anything difficult is not present therefore we will simply examine result of work.

Let's notice also that for production of the lower shelf and boxes sheets chipboards, for facades and sidewalls of boxes, a table-top – wood (pine), and for a back wall of a design – 5-millimetric DVP were used.

In our example they are fastened to the lower part of boxes, however it is a little wrong. Directing more preferably to fix to the middle of boxes that they did not touch facades. Besides, length of the directing has to smaller, than depth of all design, somewhere on 5-10 cm. It is necessary to fix them aflush from the forward party.

Step 2. The lower regiments were not painted – let it and it is not really attractive, but all the same nobody will see them.

Step 5. After assembly of a framework the directing fasten.

Step 7. After painting of facades one layer marks places of future openings for handles.

On a note! Now we will consider process of production of a bedside curbstone the hands in more detail. Step-by-step instructions on production of several simple options which can be interesting to you are given below.

Minimalism, hi-tech. It is obvious that designs with metal frameworks will be suitable for these styles more. Glass doors will become excellent addition. Thus it is important that the minimum of excess details was used.

Step 6. Below you can see handles which were chosen for boxes.