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Cases from gypsum cardboard with the built-in illumination will decorate an interior of any dwelling.

The case the hands from gypsum cardboard — is an excellent reason for an embodiment of the design ideas.

Formation of a framework of standard, angular and any design cases means one principle of work.

Framework from the directing and vertical rack-mount profiles.

Secondly, it is more difficult to collect a wooden design, it has bigger weight and can figure prominently.

Gypsum cardboard — is the plaster layer concluded between two sheets of a cardboard. For increase in durability, density and durability of material, special components are added to plaster.

Close up joints by means of plaster then the product becomes covered by two layers of hard putty. The first layer should be put in a joint by means of the narrow pallet. Further we lay the reinforcing tape and we put the second layer.

It is possible to make a framework for gypsum cardboard both of wooden laths, and of metal profiles one photo higher). Choosing a tree, pay attention to a number of nuances. First, whetstones have to be absolutely dry and qualitative, after all the framework — is a basis of future design. Otherwise the case design is deformed over time.

As construction material, gypsum cardboard possesses a number of advantages:

Let's consider on an example production of a case of usual parameters. If you wish to make an angular case of gypsum cardboard the hands, this instruction can be also taken as a basis as the angular design has only insignificant differences in design.

Making the drawing, you can use ready models from various catalogs or develop own option.

In order to avoid transfer of vibrations of walls and a floor of a design of a case, it is recommended to lay a special shock-absorbing tape in all places of contact.

The case from gypsum cardboard in a bathroom, a drawing room or kitchen has one principle of production.

The main thing, it to consider all details: a bar arrangement, a form, the sizes and number of shelves, and also distance between them, existence of lockers and t of.