Building A 27 Coffee Table With This Recipe

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At first sight can seem that to make most such large subject of a situation difficult. But it not so. Show accuracy, attentively follow the instruction, and everything will turn out. We suggest to make furniture of a chipboard. Material is rather simple in work, does not demand polishing, additional finishing, in a finished product it is easy to look after a surface.

After drying of glue it is possible to turn a bedside table in normal situation and to install handles. Now the bedside table with boxes the hands is ready.

At careful selection of furniture in the interior the made curbstone of a chipboard the hands can become the optimum decision. After all the size, color, a decor, material of its production can be picked up only under concrete requirements.

We used a chipboard for production of boxes, but you can take any other material. All elements have to be ground. At first coarse-grained nazhdachka, and then smaller.

And if the bed has not enough place, the bedside table can be transformed to a small hinged or console design with a tiny drawer.

After you fix directing on all sidewalls, it is necessary to make 2 more connections, previously having taken out lateral panels. After that it is necessary to push sidewalls back in a skeleton, thereby having checked smoothness of the course and accuracy of installation of the directing.

For this purpose it is necessary to turn a bedside table and to raise boxes, as shown in a photo.

Curbstones and bedside tables – one of the most motley and various furniture groups. For them there will be a place in any room. On a big kitchen the convenient capacious curbstone is simply necessary for ware or products, and its surface can be used as the worker.

We apply glue structure on boxes and we install the panel. In an hour after that it is necessary to add plastic components.

At this stage lateral panels of sliding boxes have to be completely ready, it was necessary only to attach the remained panels. While sliding boxes still are in a skeleton of a bedside table it is necessary to measure distance between bokovushka. In our case the bedside table sizes 34.3 centimeters at a thickness of walls of 1.6 centimeters.

If you decided to be engaged in coloring of fragments of a bedside table, be careful as it is possible to soil the directing.