Building A 27 Coffee Table With A Lid

How to making a bed with free model and cutlist

Places of storage happen built-in, angular and case.

Surely, all horizontal and vertical surfaces are measured with level.

The turn of furniture comes after completion of finishing of a loggia, and it often a prisposabllena under storage of seasonal things, type of outerwear, seldom used adaptations, preparations and tools therefore it is done with a set of shelves and with convenient depth about sixty centimeters.

Usually, for production choose a chipboard or a metal basis. For doors use a tree, a chipboard, plastic.

On narrow balconies it is expedient to use oar system or blinds. It will provide full access to case interiors. And to place on a regiment a wide subject without barriers.

The usually case do on not heated balconies to make a gap between walls of a loggia and a furniture design for air ventilation.

6. Doors on usual loops are hung or inserted into the directing.

Owners adapt this square for domestic needs and a case at loggias – the phenomenon very widespread, thanks to the functionality.

If the balcony is not heated, you should not put a case closely to a wall because there can be a condensate or dew, and there will be a mold.

If you do a case case, at assembly of a framework, it is necessary to measure design diagonals, so you will avoid a curvature of doors and shelves.

Often happens that the lower width of a balcony already (owing to finishing and warming), than top. In that case do a combination of two cases: to a window and above a window sill.