Build A Platform Bed With Ecosa

7 ways to woodworking Bending plywood to make a twin screw vise

The option given above is good when the bearing ability of walls is insufficient to sustain usual wall shelves. If you have a partition from gypsum cardboard, porous or light concrete, you can look in this party.

Behind this false wall sewer and water struts which differently should be closed a special box will hide. It is optional to sew up space behind a toilet bowl tightly. Here it is possible to make very capacious case. Powders, stocks of other chemistry it is usually heavy to them to find a place can be stored in it.

Over a toilet bowl it is possible to hang up a usual hinged case of suitable width and height. It can be part of kitchen set or part of a hall. It is possible to find a suitable sample in any modular collection. It is only necessary to cut in a back wall of an opening under sewer and water struts, but this alteration simple.

For the device it is necessary to take out a toilet bowl forward, to walls and on a ceiling to beat levels (40*40 mm will be quite normal), to fill horizontal levels which will keep shelves. Doors for such case in a toilet fasten directly to walls. Or rather, to levels which are fixed on a wall.

There are model spaces, more economic in respect of use: in the lower part there is only emphasis racks opened and the closed regiments are above a toilet bowl tank.

The level is necessary the 8 cm wide. As at open doors it will be in the public eye, it is desirable that it was trimmed by the same material, as doors. It fix nails/self-tapping screws/expansion bolt shields to a wall, and to it — loops.