Brilliant Woodworking Tips For Father S Day

How to use a planer for $100 $30 outdoor bench with floating night stands

Basis under a children's mattress – 185 by 90 cm, but these sizes it is not obligatory to consider: here depends, how many your child weighs, and what he growth. It is better to buy struts: the market offers the steel pipes covered with plastic. Buy fasteners in the same place, as well as caps that curious children did not try to turn off washers and not to disorganize a design.

It is necessary to collect a children's bunk bed the hands accurately: she will serve good service to children, will become for them in a sense one more house.

Here it is better to cut off once, but it is necessary to measure seven times that the product corresponded to an interior, was reliable in every respect. Process simple, but in everything demands accuracy and accuracy.

For children there are certain furniture standards: a berth – one and a half meters plus 8 cm, width – 70 cm plus 10 cm, place width under a ladder adds additional centimeters 5.

The pine is quite acceptable for own hands, besides it soft and cheap. Construction of a framework requires a bar: 140x18 and 140x30. Plywood thick – on a bed, and a ladder buy the metal better. If there is no plywood, it is possible to buy a chipboard, only the laminated also. It is heavier to work with it, but too it is possible if near at hand the electric tool appears.

However, watch drawings: them a little, it is possible that some option will be ideal. In other cases carry out adjustment of the sizes.

If in a family there was the second child, for economy of a place in a bedroom and money in a purse the children's bunk bed the hands the made perfectly will approach. Process means existence of the necessary tools: