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Surface gage not only the classical razmetochny tool, but also the mechanical machine which is carrying out a marking, cutting of details.

The tool is universal, is suitable for work with details of the different size. Needles and hairpins from both parties usually differ, for work the necessary nozzles are used.

The joiner's surface gage happens unilateral (on a block only one lath is fixed). Use during the work with one type of material and preparations.

The surface gage was developed for joiner's works. It can:

During this time the tree will get used to the atmosphere and will cease to be capricious.

Tree – live material which actively reacts to change of humidity in the surrounding atmosphere. Change of a season leads to that wood can both dry out, and to inflate. Wood changes the size, generally across fibers, and, to a lesser extent – along fibers.

Even the simplest universal razmetochny surface gage costs much. It is necessary to buy it when work demands high precision. For a joiner's workshop, personal economy it is possible to make a razmetochny surface gage independently.

In both cases the tool is adjusted before application according to working schemes.

The tool serves for transfer of the sizes from the drawing or a reference detail on preparation, search of the center of radius of round section.

If not to consider influence of humidity on a tree, your already finished products can start bursting, cracking or jamming in mobile parts. All these problems can be avoided if it is simple to give to lie down at least to wood three days in your workshop.