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As a table-top the plastic window sill of the necessary width (are issued to 700 mm on width and to 6000 mm on length) can serve, it is not afraid of moisture, an ultraviolet, differences of temperatures.

The field of repair work in the apartment and on a balcony is frequent, there are materials which can be adapted for production of a bedside table on a balcony the hands, then it is necessary to get furniture accessories and doors.

To make a bedside table on a balcony the hands, it is necessary to think over previously a site of bedside tables, to draw their drawing, taking into account all details, to prepare tools and to buy necessary materials.

At independent projecting and cutting of a curbstone, it is necessary to make a cut, according to the scheme, to millimeter observing cutting accuracy. At the slightest discrepancy of the sizes of details, they will not be able to join ideally among themselves, especially if it is an angular curbstone.

Before production of a curbstone on a balcony the hands, it is necessary to consider all nuances of this room, we choose optimum suitable materials (on quality and appearance), and only after that we start production.

If in the apartment there is no storeroom, it is possible to adapt a place on a balcony for storage of things and tools. It is possible to acquire ready furniture, but it is not always possible in connection with the small area of a balcony and high cost of a product. The made bedside table on a balcony the hands will be optimum option. In this article we will consider characteristics of materials for production of balcony furniture and types of bedside tables for a balcony.

The most suitable materials, for production of balcony furniture:

The curbstone represents a small locker and regiments, drawers, with

On the closed balcony it is possible to choose as material laminated by a chipboard, the curbstone from it will look the same as furniture in the apartment, it is possible to pick up with ease necessary color.

That the file of a fret saw did not tear material, it is necessary to select it under this type of material. Ball directing for sliding boxes work silently and possess the increased durability.

The qualitative, beautiful accessories made of metal will give to a design completeness and an elegant look.