Bookcase Design For The Garden

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Before beginning, take care of the workplace. Think of everything in advance: what material will take, what tools. It is better to spread out nails, screws, bolts, nuts on separate jars or on cells in a special box.

However, the bedside table is necessary not only for storage of different household trifles, but first of all for a cosiness. Put it near a bed: will be where the book before going to bed to put or to put a glass with water. If there is in the room an empty corner or simply blank space, the bedside table is necessary just right here. And for the house advantage, and it is pleasant to an eye.

Before making a bedside table the hands — think over, where exactly you want it to place, for what purposes the bedside table is intended. It carries out three main functions: serves as a support, provides a place for storage of various things and subjects and decorates a room interior.

It is bad if the bedside table is very deep — then in it difficultly to look for things. It is possible to put it on legs, but it is much more economic and simpler to do in production without them. By the way, that which on rollers — it can be moved at any time is very convenient to release a place, to carry out cleaning.

At a material choice for bedside tables it is necessary to consider two moments: ease in processing and color. Products from an oak are rather strong and very beautiful. The texture (drawing of fibers) at an oak is brightly expressed therefore its decorative properties are so high; its wood usually happens dark tones. The birch too is good, it gives in to processing better, has light coloring and thin gentle drawing of wood fabrics. Often apply an aspen to production of simple furniture. It has color, white with a greenish shade, very soft and easy, and therefore is processed rather simply. Stronger and solid wood at a cornel, a pear, an ash-tree, an oak. Less strong — at a linden, an aspen, a pine, a birch.