Bookcase Design For Father S Day

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In kitchen it is possible to use a tile for registration of facades.

After that various measurements are carried out and calculations become. It is necessary to understand that to calculate the sizes are does not mean to measure width and length of a case. At the same time it is necessary to measure distances between regiments, width of sections. All dimensions transfer to the drawing for descriptive reasons.

At removal of measures it is necessary to consider that the standard width of a shutter should not exceed one meter. In addition it is necessary to remember and about thickness of a leaf of which the case therefore 1-2 centimeters are still added to width of a shutter is made. The allowance on height of door cloths is in the same way calculated.

Initial stage of independent production of a case is design.

If to consider cases in a form, such options are most widespread:

The most important characteristic of cases – functional. Only after making decision on purpose of a design, all above-mentioned classifications are considered. On use purpose cases happen:

The scheme has to be clear and consider all desirable parameters. If most difficult to execute the similar drawing, it is necessary to address to experts.

For example, having sorted an old case, a table, a door from boards, it is possible to create the hands such element of an interior as a case, a curbstone, a dresser.

Decoupage with use of vintage paper or wall-paper.

Designers also divide cases on a way of a complete set and style. The stylistics are diverse: folklore, hi-tech, baroque, empire style, modernist style, rococo.

It is necessary to remember that smooth surfaces are fragile, demand certain tools for are sharp and adjustment under the sizes are necessary.

If panels glass or mirror, it is possible to use services of private workshops for a matting or sandblasting.