Bookcase Design For Christmas

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To knurl an edge press the Knurl an Edge button. There will be a dialog box shown in drawing.

To change a database of edges, it is necessary to press the Change the List button. There will be a dialog box shown in drawing. In the top part four lists are located: The name to remove any edge or thickness or designation. We will illustrate addition with the following example.

At first we will attach corners the lower shelf to vertical panels. For this purpose we will choose fixture type the Corner and we will include a tag to Fix symmetrically between two panels. This tag specifies, the panel or panels which we will fix, will fasten on the one hand or from two parties. After a choice like fixture press the Execute button.

After that choose a laying of a notebook Furniture and press the Module of Designing of Furniture button. Thus there is the left panel of teams. Similarly edit the right vertical panel.

If you wish to build further a bedside table - pass to the following section.