Bending Plywood To Pack And Ship Cookies

Basic set of tools for bedrooms Beginner's guide to make a solid wood bookshelf

The choice of concrete model is influenced by the area of the room, appointment, necessary spaciousness. By the form the case has to fit into style of an interior of the room harmoniously.

For production of back walls of a wardrobe or a compartment it is possible to take the sheets WSP (wood-shaving plate) or plywood.

However experts do not recommend to get a natural tree in the raw. Drying, it will start being deformed that will lead to damage of a product. An optimum level of humidity – 12%.

It is worth choosing with care furniture fonts from a beech. This breed is afraid of humidity and at the raised its indicator quickly absorbs moisture and bulks up.

Let's consider more in details types of timber of which it is possible to make a good wooden case.

Besides, allocate built-in, kitchen with boxes, a case show-window and others.

For production of a case it is recommended to buy pine glued boards. With them elements of a design turn out various forms and complexity.

So the design will have the sufficient level of rigidity. If it is a small locker for ware, keys, thickness in 10 mm will be enough.

For production in house conditions it is recommended to take a pine, previously having processed it antiseptics. It is easily cut, shkuritsya, ground.

This breed has soft structure therefore easily gives in to any processing. Does not decay. The natural massive raw materials well influence a microclimate indoors.