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For production of brooches it is possible to use both real images, and abstract forms, but it is desirable that they by the sizes, color, a form corresponded to a dress and shape of the alleged hostess, would please her.

Photo 54. Rings. Skumpiya, baknut, kebracho, a Manchurian nut, with use of malachite, amber, tourist's raspberry

Hairpins can be cut out from monophonic breeds, decorating then the planimetric, relief ornament or various images borrowed from wildlife. When using textural breeds reliefs, and also abstract forms are good – they in the best way reveal beauty of layers. Finished products it is carefully polished and we cover with wax or it is delicious.

Do final operational development of a surface and polishing manually. The hand – thinner tool feels a surface of a tiny ring better. The smallest skin give a product a high polish, cover with wax.

Next day, when glue will dry up, a proshlifuyta a brooch the rotating felt circle, cover with wax, wipe a rag or a pure brush. In an hour repeat procedure. I hope, gloss and beauty of your product will please you and the one to whom you present it!

There is also other design of a hairpin: quite strongly curved plate with two openings in which it is passed fixing hair sterzhenek. The wooden plate in this case is bent more strongly, than at hairpins of the previous design therefore carry out a carving along a layer – the product will be one bend stronger. Such hairpins too can be decorated decorative images, reliefs, plastic forms.

Photo 53. Bugs brooches, turtle. Skumpiya, juniper

Thin, absolutely round, the identical thickness of a ring turn on the lathe or cut a special mill. If there is no machine or there is a wish to diversify a ring form, to decorate it with a relief, cut manually.

Having increased drawing to 90 mm in length, it is possible to cut out the same hairpin for hair.