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Mills have a cutting part of different length, but the part more cutting, the is more difficult to work — more efforts should be made for deduction of the unit. Therefore it is simpler to begin with work as an average cutting torch. An order of processing of an edge a milling cutter (with a template) such:

At installation of doors it is necessary to cut loops as to make it by means of a milling cutter — in the following video (in the same place is how to make a groove, for example, under installation of a dobor).

It, by the way, even a way to remove a quarter on edge of preparation or in its some part. For removal of a quarter expose the cutting part so that processing was the set depth.

How to make the self-made milling machine of laminate obrazk (it is possible plywood) and how to make spiked connection for boxes (a table, for example) — in the following video

It is necessary as the roller of the bearing is rolled on a surface and if there are flaws, they will be copied. Therefore act consistently — at first level, then — give curvature.

Work as a manual milling cutter on a tree is not bad shown in the following video, but it in English. Even if you do not know English, do not regret time, look. Many operations will become more clear.

If the curvilinear surface is tiresome in general — the template is cut out. Drawing is applied on plywood 8-12 mm thick, at first it can be cut an electrofret saw therefore to bring edge to a perfect condition a milling cutter.

In this case too it is necessary to work with a milling cutter, but so far without template. When the surface is ideal, a template fix to preparation further the work as a manual milling cutter on a tree which is already described above. Only one moment: if a large amount of material is required to remove in some places, it is better to make it a fret saw, for example. Otherwise a mill it is fast will become blunted.