Beginner S Guide To Build

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Then under screws drill openings with the subsequent countersink of their edges. After assembly of a framework it is covered with an acrylic varnish.

In the bases under mattresses made of plywood 9 mm thick it is necessary to drill air vents with a diameter of 50 mm.

On a note for parents who according to these drawings will do a two-level bed, by own efforts.

4. Screws of 3,540 mm screw in with shift to each other

The child can be in a family one and such 2kh all the same to ask a level bed. In this case can sheathe one of circles ecoskin (natural very expensively).

As steps steel pipes with a diameter of 25 mm with PVC a covering will be suitable for a ladder.

At first on screws and glue connect with each other elements of the top and lower frames, including basic levels under the basis for mattresses.

The genuine leather demands regular leaving as the fatty substances giving it elasticity dry over time that leads to cracking of a front layer that cannot be told about ecoskin.

After cutting in the size all edges and end faces of preparations carefully process a skin.

In our case it rather rough that to the child not to slide off on a floor the second circle (certainly when will buy material check this its property that it was sufficient).

After installation and installation of a ladder screw the top lateral boards.

All screws from the face are supplied with decorative slips which at the same time will not allow to be wounded (with children after all we have business.

Often happens that time presses, and then instead of it is necessary doing urgently to buy a bed for the child. Then in this case we will give advice at its choice which besides are based on experience of independent production, roughly speaking not to buy what did not begin to be done for the child to the by hands.

It consists of polymer – the polyurethane differing in high wear resistance and frost resistance therefore the upholstered furniture with such covering long keeps the faultless look.