Bedroom Decor Projects With Limited Tools

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Council! Reechki on sitting of a bench is better not to beat closely – better to leave between them a gap where rain water will leave, without hiding in joints, causing rotting. Or to use one wide continuous board – on it water too will not be late.

In an old garden it is possible to make the ring garden shop covering around a tree trunk. Its design is rather simple, thus on such bench always there will be a place both in a shadow, and under sunshine. It is necessary to choose a tree which has no low located branches – they will close an outlook. You should not suit a bench and under a fruit-tree – the falling fruit will demand additional cleaning of a bench. The option of such bench is given in figure 3.

For a Japanese garden the bench from a bamboo will be pertinent. And near the house from the rounded tree the benches made of the same material (at construction inevitably there will be scraps therefore they can be involved with advantage) organically will look. It will help to reach stylistic unity of all site.

Traditionally wooden benches make of whetstones, laths and boards – they are simple in production, are reliable and durable. The drawing of a bench from a tree is given in figure 1.

The simplest shop in a form, natural color or painted in a brown not striking shade will be suitable for style of a country. For style Provence – a shop a little semi-antique, rather modest in respect of dressing, painted in blue, white, violet or blue color.