Bed Side Table With Your Jigsaw

5 tools to build an epic work desk for under $75

Before making a case on a balcony the hands, it is necessary to be defined, which design will be created. It can be presented in the numerous forms differing in the device, the sizes and other characteristics.

Before assembly conditions are checked — the balcony has to be already glazed, it is better to close walls of a loggia previously thermal insulation.

Besides paper and a pencil for production of the drawing, and also a marker for marks on details is required.

If everything is ready, it is possible to get to work. To understand how to make a case on a balcony, it is enough to follow the following stages.

The material choice will be an important factor at production of a case on a loggia or a balcony.

If competently to warm and issue this room, it can replace the storeroom, wardrobe or other room.

The most important point is the equal basis — if there are differences of height, the case framework under freight of subjects will be lop-sided sooner or later.

Except operational properties appearance is also important, after all the case should not clash with registration of a loggia, and often is continuation of the general style of the apartment. The following versions are most widespread.

Balconies are not used by many owners of inhabited motionlessness for any purposes, but such decision is considered irrational.