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Ladder parameters on an attic also select individually. First, the ladder has to settle down under a bias not less 15o, vertical designs rather inconvenient in use.

Secondly, it will be necessary to pick up step height, the most comfortable size will make 18-20 cm. Traditionally the first three steps carry out with the reduced step, the last three – with increased.

After installation of a protection the lateral beam is sewn up with a decorative slip.

Before assembly it is necessary to drill openings under bolts on face surfaces of lateral beams.

Before installation and final assembly of a box we drill on opening corners under installation of joiner's bolts.

The second, very interesting option of use of space under an attic, is arrangement of a wardrobe, with office for footwear, as on the drawing.

In process of sewing of the plane of an attic lining it will be necessary to cut out windows under installation of vertical racks of rail-posts. Racks it is possible to cut out 4040 mm from a bar, it is possible to use metal low protections or it is simple to fill a wide board.