Amazing Woodworking Project From Scrap

Easy to make a DIY workbench with pallets

The curbstone will have a top from a kitchen table-top, thickness 28mm and the sizes of 525 by 400 mm.

Not to spoil the real beauty of wood, it is better to paint a curbstone from a tree with wood stain and to open with several varnish coats. So you prolong life of a furniture subject and will emphasize its natural beauty.

White enamel on a water basis will be suitable for the direction Provence or a country. She does not smell, exactly lays down on the processed surfaces and differs in resistance to negative factors.

So, after all separate elements of a curbstone are prepared, it is possible to start its assembly. Self-tapping screws, glue and screws are for this purpose used. Process of assembly of a curbstone looks as follows: