7 Ways To Woodworking

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— you with the child sleep together, but the bed did not become less, and on the contrary — it is more at the expense of a prefix;

Mothers with an experience know that night komleniye — it is difficult, and vymatyvayushche affects both parents. It was as if possible to facilitate it?

Further we cover all preparations with wood stain, from above on two times we put a quick-drying varnish on polyurethane. After that it is possible to collect a framework, twisting preparations. Having collected a frame, we stack on basic bars of forward and back walls two or three bearing bars. We fasten them to basic bars self-tapping screws at an angle in 45 degrees. If the bar is not enough, it is possible to pull together among themselves two laths.

The added crib the hands, most likely, will be made of a tree. It is possible to look at already ready examples of the executed beds prefixes, and it is possible to make, unique. Nevertheless, wood is necessary.

We divide a forward wall on 3 equal speak rapidly on length. In places of division we do a marking. Too most we repeat for a back wall.

Now, when the mattress is ready, it is possible to start calculations of wooden details. For our bed we will need two sidewalls, forward and back backs, the bearing bar, laths and two internal legs. Taking into account it the following preparations are necessary for us:

Advantages which the added crib, before usual, except above declared has:

— such continuation of your bed takes not enough place and will be able to be located in any, even to the smallest bedroom.

— parents can sleep peacefully, without being afraid to hook on the child.

As result, you see that this strong classical design will well fit into an interior of your bedroom.

Having prepared materials and tools, we begin a timber marking. At sawing up measure and correlate the parties of a framework once again that the bed did not leave curve.