7 Ways To Make A Kneeling Chair

Timberframed swingset from scrap hardwood

Front panels it is slightly more difficult, they consist of three elements. Do them of two sheets of plywood 8 millimeters thick everyone, for the handle take the cut-in aluminum shape. We gave the facade sizes taking into account gaps on height and width. The front panel is assembled from two separate pieces, the background piece has the big sizes, the decorative piece is much less, cuts for dressing are made the curvilinear. Choose radiuses of curves independently, try that both facades were completely symmetric.

Do not forget that the bed intends for children, take care of their safety. Clean all acute angles, check quality of cuts and polishings of edges, be convinced that there are no chips and the child will not be able to be injured. If it is necessary to make a choice between beauty and safety of the child – always choose the last.

Are made by the most usual and easy way. For a bottom take thick plywood or SMALLPOX, attach to walls self-tapping screws, heads not to an utaplivayta. Corners had the main thing that the sizes of details answered the sizes specified on drawings, and exactly 90 °. Directing and rollers have to be in the middle of sidewalls, are fixed by small self-tapping screws.