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The best brackets to make an outdoor sofa

It is possible to make various built-in niches, racks, lockers in a bathroom of gypsum cardboard, the angular and built-in sliding wardrobes. For kitchen it is possible to build kitchen set, shelves, niches, and also a table, even a bar counter. For a bathroom, the niches made of moisture resistant gypsum cardboard, shelves and lockers on which towels, decorative cosmetics, gels, shampoos, means for cleaning will be placed well will approach. In a toilet too it is possible to place niches and shelves from gypsum cardboard.

There is a number of problems which we face in a hall is a small space, bad illumination, the eternal mountain of footwear and outerwear. To solve all listed the sliding wardrobe from gypsum cardboard will help. To construct a self-made case with sliding dveryets according to own sketch, it will be economic and practical.

Sliding wardrobe from gypsum cardboard – very convenient thing, however it is necessary to consider that you should not put heavy details, for example construction tools in it. Gypsum cardboard has only one minus – fragility.

Anything terrible that at measurements not really well are defined how many it is necessary sheets of gypsum cardboard, it is possible to make shelves of the remains. Reliably fix a framework, it is a case skeleton. From that as will record a framework, its reliability and durability will depend.

In gypsum cardboard it is possible to lay easily conducting, to make lighting, to twist decorative bulbs.

The sliding wardrobe – the most optimum option for small and big rooms, perfectly will be suitable for a drawing room, a hall, a bedroom and the nursery. In it with ease it is possible to place a great lot of things as in it is mute a large number of the most different departments and shelves. Such case can serve as continuation of a wall and hide its shortcomings and not the necessary space.

For outerwear it is possible to make two levels, on a season. To place one bar with a ceiling, the second for the middle. Very conveniently in the summer to hang out winter clothes on top, and summer is closer – below. Sootvetsvenno, in the winter on the contrary. Also in the bottom of a case, it is possible to build shelves for footwear.