7 Places To Pack Your Kitchen

7 ways to make a wood mirror frame Make a simple outdoor chair with a lid

Whatever project you chose, it is required to make the drawing — it will help to avoid mistakes with sizes, to be convinced that the finished product will be located on the place allocated for it. Therefore measurements indoors are taken previously.

For this simple project it is necessary to prepare boards 1,5-2 cm thick. Well the pine will approach — its wood easily is processed and differs in durability. Details will be only six, works are performed in the following sequence.

The piece of furniture is rather simple therefore the even beginning master will cope with performance of a task, and it is easy to find the project in the Internet for every taste.

The problem of placement of footwear in the apartment is always actual — at each person will be some sets demanding a lot of place for storage. After the street it is impossible to clean at once shoes in a case therefore existence in a hall of a special rack will become the best decision.

The shelf for footwear the hands can be executed by a set of various options. Use of make-shifts, such as cardboard boxes and wooden boxes, opens a wide field of work of the imagination. It is also possible to choose a traditional way — production of a subject from scratch by means of tools and suitable materials. The design happens the most various — floor, suspended models, lockers, whatnots, a panel.

By means of level everything is checked thoroughly. If roughnesses come to light, it is quite possible to remove a cap and to hold on or level a necessary element.

Except the sizes it is necessary to consider functionality of a rack, whether it will carry out some additional tasks. For example, the locker which is at the same time executing functions of a little table in a hall will provide a place where it is convenient to put keys, an umbrella, small subjects.

The castors attached on the lower part of sidewalls facilitate movement of a framework. It is possible to make a rack for footwear the hands by the same principle of a chipboard, plywood. In the latter case it is necessary to be careful — plywood easily bursts and forms chips at a cut.