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Excellent building bedroom floor with pallets How to make a wooden bench for yout garden

Bench the hands: drawings with sizes, a photo. How to make a bench with a back of a tree the hands.

Now it is necessary to connect sidewalls of a bench and a frame of a seat.

Bench – an ambiguous element. Application of finished products extends and on a country site, and on living conditions, and for specific needs. From where the wooden bench will be used, its some structural features at production depend.

Those who says that in benches from a tree have no beauty, simply there is no taste. It is one of the landscape and interior elements forming a general view of giving or the room. Recreation areas first of all attract attention of visitors and owners. Therefore the beautiful products from a tree executed by the hands is a wealth for the house and soul.

We start production of a garden bench, and we begin with production of legs for a bench.

In drawings detailed drawings with sizes are provided for production of a garden bench.

We saw off preparations for a seat frame. We combine preparations of a frame, we drill openings and we twist screws.

For sports needs (for example, for occupations by dumbbells) a wooden bench without back – excellent option to benefit. An optimum covering of a surface of a seat – linoleum lined.

The garden shop because it is necessary on any yard of giving is most demanded. The option without back is characterized by existence only of a seat surface, the element of vertical support of a back is absent. Such bench for giving differs in smaller convenience, but simpler to make it the hands according to drawings.