7 Places To Make A Wood Slat Ceiling

Where to build a wooden box with a lid Basic tools for the woodworking beginner

There are some options of the materials necessary for production of a non-standard berth.

Convenient, safe and practical tree bed attic the hands

It can be both a simple design with 4 legs, and the system of storage of things or a working zone which is built in under a bed, for example, the built-in table and regiments. The ladder can be placed from an end face or from the front party of a bed.

As the simplest of the considered versions the bed placed on four support acts.

In all listed versions the bed an attic has to be equipped with sides, not less than 30 cm high.

At determination of the size of a design it is necessary to consider the following features.

For designing of children's beds quite often as steps use additional boxes. Such model safer at daily use, but figures prominently. For children's beds attics it is also desirable to use a handrail on a ladder.

As the first stage the choice of a design and design of future bed will serve in designing of furniture. There is three choice of fastening of an attic, respectively it is necessary to choose one of them.