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How to make a gipsokartonny portal for a fireplace. Detailed description of assembly of a design the hands.

As it is correct to paint a gipsokartonny ceiling, and what paint to choose. Necessary tools and step-by-step

How to make a decorative gipsokartonny partition the hands. Stages of installation of a design with the step-by-step instruction and

Each fan to create an interior in the house own hands, perfectly understands, it is how important to be prepared for this process thoroughly. To make the built-in case, it is necessary to stock up with the following materials and tools:

That works took place at the highest level and did not cause difficulties, it is necessary to be prepared for them previously. Before making a case of gypsum cardboard the hands, it is necessary to draw the drawing on which all parameters of a product will be specified. Have to be reflected in the plan of future case:

Many got used that gypsum cardboard is intended for alignment of walls, arrangement of arches and installation of doorways. Nevertheless, functionality of this material is much wider, many take in attention such design as a case from gypsum cardboard. For someone it can strange sound, but the fact remains and to gypsum cardboard found application and in this mission.

Each of home decoration has the features and the principles of production. Therefore before getting to work, it is necessary to study properly embodiment secrets in reality of each of them.

As it is correct to make the gipsokartonny shelf the hands. Sequence of installation of a design with the step-by-step instruction

Cases from gypsum cardboard can be built-in, some weigh characteristics and do in a bedroom, a hall, the nursery or a drawing room sliding wardrobes by the hands.

To make a framework it is necessary to have near at hand a photo of a ready metal design which can be created independently in special programs or to print out the ready project. Step-by-step instruction of creation of a framework the following:

The drawing will help to understand precisely, what option of a piece of furniture for storage of things, will ideally fit into space of the house or apartment.