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The design of angular curbstones is various today, and a modest design, quite simple, even small it is possible to make more interesting due to registration. Or the sink from unusual, effective material can brighten up modest parameters.

In general, it is better to build in equipment the curbstones, next to a sink. This place is ideally suited for the dishwashing or washing machine. Because of existence plum and a siphon in a curbstone under a sink remains very few place, and it has to be used rationally.

Standard curbstones under a sink usually have three main sizes – height, width, depth.

Under the top box with household chemicals there can be one more which has usually big useful area, than in the first case. There the garbage can and means for cleaning in large packings and bottles will easily be located. On inside of a door of a case it is possible to fix hooks and holders for napkins, towels, rags for cleaning and even the shelf for storage of different trifles: gloves, packages, etc. Existence of boxes under a sink will make design of kitchen set organic, and an interior stylish and attractive.

Some owners of compact kitchens are interested in opportunity to build in a curbstone under a sink small appliances. At the expense of the small sizes of the room not always it turns out to find a place for all household appliances which it would be desirable to have available.

Such box is convenient not only in kitchen. In a bathroom its application will also be very useful, after all under a sink it is possible to store a set of various things: soap, shaving machines, hairbrushes, toilet paper, shampoos, gels, etc. Only it is necessary to know that fastenings of a sliding design do not suffer an excessive overload therefore you should not hammer a box with a large number of subjects too.