6 Projects From Scraps Of Wood

How to build lockers for under $50 Workbench with free model and cutlist

Council! In angular set fastening of furniture at one wall, and then – at another is made in the beginning.

Assembly by the hands of hinged cases is made by analogy with lower, but there are also 2 essential differences:

Also the 10-millimetric error in installation of hinged cases on a wall – in a case when the special lath is applied to fixture is allowed.

Keep in mind that the top lockers are mounted without facades, so their installation will be simpler. Besides, so you will be able to check gaps between facades directly on a wall.

If there is an instruction on assembly, attentively study it. In the management all details are numbered and the operating procedure is described. Make sure that a set complete set full and sort all elements on curbstones. Further you will collect the case as the designer, after all the majority of modern sets consist of modules.

Council! The missing electric tool can be borrowed, and it is better to get. The screw gun and the puncher – things necessary in each house.

On a wall draw a marking. Height of installation has to be such that between a floor and a socle of a case there were not less than 100 mm, and gaps between facades were minimum.

Before collecting kitchen set, it is necessary to prepare a necessary set of tools:

After assembly of kitchen set, it is possible to start a fastening stage.