50 Amazing Uses For Wood Screws

Start woodworking with your jigsaw

Having chosen the suitable project or having created the option, start production of a bench, working step by step:

The bench option with a back on which it is possible to lean the elbows is more convenient for rest. Such bench demands a little more time and it is slightly more difficult in production, than the simple shop but and to sit on it much more comfortably. That to make it, too it is possible to use the ready project, having chosen material for a small bench and having calculated its quantity according to drawings of the pleasant option.

The project for production of a shop can be thought up most or to create it on the basis of a photo of the pleasant option. But for realization of the idea many simply take today ready projects with drawings, sometimes supplementing them with own interesting ideas.

Having prepared material and the tool, necessary for work, start production of a bench approximately in such sequence: