50 Amazing Uses For Beginners 04

Building a queen size bed from a single 2x4

Sitting it is possible to nail up to legs that much more simplifies all manufacturing techniques of a similar bench.

The design, though simple, but has quite effective appearance at the expense of the applied material. Legs are served by a bar with the rounded edges. As a last resort, the similar bar can be prepared independently from round logs of small diameter, having squared them from 4 parties. As a result the same bar will turn out. Therefore, problems with construction of a bench should not be. Bench legs will be made of this material. For this purpose, it is necessary to lay the cut bars flatwise (horizontally) one on another. This constructional decision brings a certain exclusivity in a design.

The bench without back makes 120 cm in length, 45 cm in width and 38 cm in height. To round sides of a bar it is admissible in any way. Especially not to strain, it is possible to find a ready, profiled bar already. Though, it will be much more expensive, but to work with it – it is a pleasure.

When using nails, it is desirable to hide hats as they will then rust that is absolutely undesirable. For this purpose, nails hammer so that hats were hidden deep into a tree almost on 5 mm, for this purpose it is possible to use a nastavka. After that, hard putty undertakes, a little sawdust that color approached is added to it, and deepenings are puttied. After full drying, a place zashkurivatsya carefully by an emery paper. That the place where nails are hammered were not allocated on the general background, they are covered with a suitable varnish.