50 Amazing Uses For Beginner Woodworkers

30 ideas for home with pallets and wood

Option simple. Only the screw gun, a saw on a tree and fasteners was necessary for its realization. This option of assembly for those who with carpenter's business is unfamiliar also to whom zapila and grooves difficult to do. If the sticking-out fixture strongly is not pleasant, it is possible to close it decorative slips: thin plates can be put on glue. They will hide all shortcomings of assembly.

Concerning that, by how big or small to do a bed, when children still the small. In principle, at once it is possible to put a full-size bed. It only seems that so far they will grow up will pass a lot of time.

Therefore recommendations: do at once a bed of the standard size: 1*2 m or about that.

If in a family it is not less than two children, and a nursery not especially spacious, berths occupy the most part of its area. The bunk bed which is real to make most can become the solution of this problem.

Bunk beds consist of a framework and two boxes under mattresses which fasten to framework racks at different height. On the top circle the vertical or inclined short flight of stairs usually conducts.

It is possible to take ready drawings as a basis and to introduce in them amendments or completely to develop them independently.

Drawings and the sizes of shelves on a wall can be found in this article.

Only these materials have an unpleasant feature: by their production it is used knitting which emits formaldehyde in air. As the substance harmful, its quantity is traced and normalized.

How to update appearance of old furniture it is possible to read here.

For economy of a place in the small room it was decided to make a bed on the second floor, and on the first to equip a workplace under the computer. If necessary, having added ahead a crossing point and having made a board under a mattress, on the first circle it is possible to make a berth too.

The board is bought already strugany and polished: the equipment for its processing in economy is not present so far. At once we begin with production of columns:

Watch one more option of assembly of a self-made bunk bed in video.

For production of children's furniture DVP and plywood with a class of issue of E1 is allowed. By quantity allocated substance it is not more harmful than wood.