5 Woodworking Joints For The Beginning Diyer

What can you do with a jigsaw

You can also make the non-standard size, as shown in the main photo, for example 90 cm instead of 122 cm. It is the simple project therefore to change the sizes very easily.

This classical small bench 120 cm long the easy and inexpensive project for the beginning masters, it is necessary for production only several ordinary tools. The minimum costs of tools, and of assembly about an hour is required. As soon as receive result, for certain want to make ten more. Perhaps, will not be superfluous, anyway a simple garden bench from boards – the suitable decision.

To cut out a larkspur – rather easy and cheerful work. Simply do not hurry, and it will turn out perfectly! For work use a saw and a chisel. In end varnish or paint.

Then cut off the lower crossbeam and cut a fret saw a larkspur. Drill openings for a pocket. When the bench is stuck together, cut out an arch in the lower support.

Here still example of a similar street bench. It is more decorative option, it is possible to put on a forward porch, in a garden or even in the house. For production usual pine boards were used.

Many materials are not necessary, only two boards, one 1 x 12 with a length of 2,5 m for a seat and legs, and the second 1 x 6 with a length of 3 m for lateral crossbeams. Now to trifles as to make it.

Simple and convenient street bench for a porch, it is possible to tell, classical option. Agree, on a porch looks very attractively.

That's all the bench is ready! Make beautiful top, having painted seats different colors. If the shop stands on the street, do not forget to use impregnation and sealant. Especially carefully it is necessary to process legs if they adjoin to soil.

Saw boards to the necessary sizes. The parties 30 x 90 cm (height of 2,5 cm) have thickness of 30 x 63 cm (5 cm), a landing surface. Height of sitting makes about 42 cm. Thickness of 5 cm for the parties, is the best option, you will save a lot of time.

Step 3: Attach the top lateral crossbeams to the shelf.