5 Woodworking Cuts You Need To Woodworking

5 woodworking cuts you need to use a jigsaw

We cover the working surface created by us with a vice.

The table-top is fixed to the boards which are from the opposite side of the created workbench. Installation of whetstones is simply impossible without several grooves (cracks, joints) located in the basis.

We start creation of the directing boxes which will serve as storage for all tools and large subjects subsequently. For them we take away back part of a workbench, we make deepenings.

We beat a two-three of cross whetstones to the table-top basis, for them it is prematurely necessary to leave grooves. Horizontally we attach laths to crossing points, they will serve for process of sliding of boxes.

Before we start production, it is necessary to think over its design and the sizes, appointment. For production of details and assembly of a table it will be required to make the drawing.

Such care will provide inherent reliability, and you will be sure that preparations will remain on a surface, without having fallen to a floor.

For this purpose we construct plywood laying from seamy side, we note a pencil or the handle where there will be future openings.

On it with an accuracy of millimeter we specify all data. Further you often should use the drawing in the course of production of separate elements and at assembly of a product.

Also we construct regiments, they can be fixed on a support of podverstatochny space.

Its sizes have to exceed width and length of the basis. Such decision is necessary for your convenience. So working zone can be cleared without effort.

It is undesirable to do a workbench of metal, the acceptable compromise will be a wooden cover and a framework with a metal covering.

Ideal option for a table-top will be laminated by a chipboard or the pressed plywood. The combination of ostruganny wooden boards and metal will be suitable for a stationary sample.

We prepare vertical support and crossing points, we drill a through opening in horizontally located whetstone.

This process happens in some stages, assembly of the basis is first of which. After installation of a table-top and installation of all necessary equipment follows.