5 Tools To Use The Dewalt Hand Planer

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It is used generally at installation of plates. It is carried out at rigidly fixed leaf from the leaf face.

If in the laminated plywood not to remove the top film, it will interfere with a dense prileganiye of layers at a pokleyka that further will lead to falling away of a leaf. As we spoke above, the melamine film needs to be cleaned off at a preparatory work.

Here it is necessary to pick up composition of glue. A task difficult as it is necessary to consider a set of factors: plywood service conditions, humidity, technology of gluing together, leaf durability, etc.

To increase of reliability it is applied at installation of, especially, difficult profiles, to fixing of a leaf in an appropriate place, at production of joiner's products for fixing of details.

glue on the basis of phenol – as well as epoxy, is durable, resistant to adverse weather conditions.

Glue is applied with a wide brush or the roller. If the stuck together surfaces allow it, it is possible to make a clip for the best skhvatyvaniye of glue structure. It is best of all to clean surplus of glue weight before hardening.

epoxy – differs in durability, is steady against external weather influences. It is applied to gluing to metal profiles and other products;

Regarding the tool use a usual drill with power up to 600 W which successfully copes with material thickness to 25 mm. Apply spiral drills or mills to a tree.

Sheets connect usually screws or furniture screws. Bolts are sometimes applied.

PVA – white or colourless structure. It is well glued, applied only to internal finishing;